“Porder Batrol” Truck Newest Addition to Arizona Man’s “Country”

We’ve most likely all had to create our own fake country before while in school but one mad has taken that a bit too far. An Arizona man has created his own country, which includes its own pseudo law enforcement.

Mark Corona is the law enforcement for a “country” called Slowjamastan, which he crafted. While you may not be able to find it on a map, the creation of a “Porder Batrol” vehicle has taken social media by storm.

“We started our country,” said Corona. “It’s the Republic of Slowjamastan.” Corona’s vehicle of choice for watching the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, is a truck with the words “Porder Batrol” printed on it. This isn’t a typo either as Corona claims he is the Chief “Porder Batrol” agent of Slowjamastan, complete with a K-9 unit by his side.

“My best friend, who play the Sultan for Slowjamastan, had traveled the whole world. 198 counties. His idea was, at the end, I wanna start my own county,” Corona said about the creation of the fake country.

The two purchased 11 acres of land near the Salton Sea in California and posted a billboard. Since then, the “country” has definitely gotten some attention, some good and some bad.

“I got detained in Riverside. Police officers pulled me over. They took me out of the truck. They handcuffed me, and they threw me in the back of their squad car. That was fun,” Corona said. “I thought for a second ‘you know what, maybe this is illegal, and now I’m really in trouble.’ It’s the only time since we’ve done that I thought I was really in trouble. Supervisor comes along. He says ‘you know what? I know these guys. I totally get it. Let the guy go!”

Corona has confirmed that he doesn’t break any laws while out in his Porder Batrol vehicle. He doesn’t pull anyone over and the truck doesn’t have any red or blue lights on it. Corona is also not impersonating law enforcement officers.

Corona said that the steps for Slowjamastan are to wait for confirmation from Washington about making the country recognized by the United States.