Possible Land Mine Discovered on Florida Beach


It’s not every day that a land mine from the early 1900s is found. An Air Force crew was called to a Florida beach to investigate a land mine dating from the 1930s.

Originally, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office had been called to a beach located south of Vero Beach when a visitor discovered the object. A crew from Patrick Air Force Base was then called to the beach to identify what was likely an old military explosive device.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Facebook. Their caption read: “Patrick Air Force Base responded and collected a piece of suspected military ordnance, a possible land mine, that was discovered on the beach this morning.

“The ordnance was found in the area of the 1800 block of S. Hwy. A1A.”

The sheriff’s office also confirmed that no injuries were reported and beach-goers should remain 600 feet away from the ordnance until crews were able to safely remove it.

The experts from Patrick Air Force base confirmed that the subject was a land mine from the 1930s. The surrounding area was most likely used as part of a Navy training facility in the 1940s and the device could have been a part of training.

An ordnance can include all kinds of military supplies, typically for combat, like weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and maintenance equipment.


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