Prank Airbnb Leaves Woman $1,300 Poorer


Airbnb is known for having interesting and weird places to stay on vacation. A shop window in Switzerland is the latest bizarre abode, costing a whopping $1,300.

To most people, that price is ridiculous for a stay but an American tourist snapped up the experience, which ended up actually being a prank. The joke listing was part of the international Art Basel art fair in Switzerland.

The stunt escalated when the woman decided to take the offer at the Kleinbasel Leihlager store on Feldbergstrasse. “The whole thing was a marketing gimmick, at no time did we assume that someone would actually book or come,” Gawin Steiner, a member of the Leihlager team, said.

The window was originally listed at 3,330 Swiss Francs or $3,393 but the woman’s hosts kindly knocked that price down to $1,337. She checked in for three nights on June 14, 2022.

Since the team wasn’t actually expecting anyone to book the shop window, they had to rush to get everything together for the woman’s arrival.

“We built a scaffolding from battens and pulled it up as a wall. That would be a bit strange otherwise,” Steiner said.

The listing also includes a small, chic office space, a television, mid-century modern furniture and panoramic views of the parking area. To their guest, hopefully, the $1,300 was worth it.


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