Pringles Looking to Pull Off the Ultimate Marketing Move


The Pringles brand has a very recognizable logo that is highlighted by its signature mustache. Snack lovers from all over can easily spot the company in a crowd of chips. Another way the brand is trying to stand out is by asking fans to help them get a certain spider’s name changed.

This isn’t a regular spider either. Looking at photos, it’s easy to spot the resemblance to the logo. The kidney garden spider (scientific name Araneus mitificus), is found in South, East and Southeast Asia and spends most of its time in gardens and low vegetation, spinning its webs among bushes.

To make the name change happen, Pringles is asking fans to sign their petition. Currently, they have just over 4,000 signatures.

“In 1968 the world was introduced to the iconic Pringles can and logo, but little did we know there was a creature amongst us who was unknowingly spreading the Pringles love. We’re thrilled to rally fans to help us recognize this spectacular spider, and welcome it into the Pringles family,” said Mauricio Jenkins, U.S. marketing lead for Pringles.

You can even adopt your own little Pringles Spider with Samson, Tallulah, Buster, Donna, Dave and Zadie all looking for support. If Pringles does manage to get the name change, this would definitely be a first.


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