Prison Cell: A Must See Bucket List Attraction


Life in the cells is an experience you cannot overlook, at least for this young adult.

Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas, a 19-year-old South Florida woman, ran from police officers in the Florida Keys. When they did confront her, she told the deputy that getting arrested was on her bucket list.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said: “Douglas, from Homestead, was charged with fleeing and eluding.” Charges are no surprise as you don’t walk away from the cops with an Instagram-worthy photo to impress random followers.

The deputy witnessed her driving a Toyota sedan recklessly at high-speed early morning. Douglas did not pull over when the deputy turned on his lights and siren.

Deputy was chasing Douglas down, and they were able to stop her at the intersection of Card Sound Road and Overseas Highway.

Her high school bucket list will need revisions upon her release. The world has astonishing sights with over 190 countries. Maybe she can select an overseas experience that will deliver a more rewarding experience rather than a punishment.


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