Puppy Swallows Record 20 Coins


One puppy had a bit too much of an appetite, which ultimately led to needing emergency surgery.

Daisy, a 12-week-old Bichon Frise, managed to get herself into a bit of trouble when she swallowed enough coins to make £2.68 or $3.21. That’s a decent amount of pocket change for one gal.

Ivana, Daisy’s owner, lost her purse but didn’t think anything of it until her poor pooch started to ignore its food and began vomiting. That’s when she discovered a 2p coin in Daisy’s vomit and figured out where her coins really ended up.

When examining Daisy, the veterinarians could see her stomach was causing her pain, which raised suspicions over a potential blockage. An X-ray was completed and the resulting images showed the coins.

The veterinarians taking care of Daisy claimed they have never seen a dog eat so many coins before. “Daisy has broken a new record – we couldn’t believe the number of coins she’d managed to eat, especially for such a tiny puppy.

“The coins had been causing a blockage which, if left, could have been fatal so it’s a good job her owner brought her in to PDSA when she did,” vet Sally Frith said.

The PDSA, a pet hospital in England, completed a successful operation to remove the coins. Daisy has been resting after her eventful surgery and is recovering well.


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