Queen’s Funeral After Party at a Nightclub


While the British citizens remained quiet to mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, a nightclub in Bristol partied hard with an all-night rave that wrapped up on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Not all goodbyes have to end in tears and silence. Motion nightclub owners turned up the music and got the guests to throw their hands up in the air for the ultimate farewell.

Motion was all set to continue its plans to hold a “massive bank holiday banger” and the doors remain wide open to hosting hundreds of clubbers ready for a good time.

Despite the business marketing efforts, some people don’t have the mental capacity to party after the tragic news and many of them were frowning upon their decision to remain open during such a devastating loss. A Motion attendee said: “I’m a little disappointed that local nightclub Motion is running an event on Sunday to take advantage of the bank holiday on Monday — it’s a little distasteful. I’m not in any way a Royalist but when they rely on local support for planning abatement and deeds of easements — it’s beyond rude.”

The club owners have received backlash for their continued operation. A spokesperson for Motion said: “We were due to host the after parties for the Tokyo World Festival this week, however, due to the perfect storm of Brexit and COVID-19, First Bus has canceled the planned transport from Eastville Park to the venue in BS2. In light of these being canceled, and with wages, increasing power costs plus multiple other factors of life in 2022, we felt we were not in the position to keep the venue shut.”

They added: “As with everyone else we were truly saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 and wish the new King all the best in his new role.”

“God Save The King.” Cheers! The Queen may have died, but this nightclub still has bills to pay.


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