Quirky Death Notice for the Odd Soul

Tears are a natural reaction to the news of someone’s death but the waterworks don’t have to be the only reaction. Jovial people encourage loved ones to chuckle at the death notice while reminiscing on the good times in a witty manner.

A Reddit user shared the courier mail with death notices, and one notice, in particular, stood out from the listings: “MORRIS, Stephen Ralph. Morris lived for 75 years.” The notice featured an image of him sipping his drink as if he were ready to party it up with the angels.

This death notice was unconventional in that it showed dual sides to his personality. More often than not, when someone passes, even if we hate them, the positives are emphasized, while we dismiss the annoying quirks as irrelevant. This family loves the senior for his strengths and flaws, as shown in the notice. The paper read: “Trying yet loving son”, “Annoying yet protective brother”, “Bewildering yet lovable”, and “Questionable yet ever-entertaining parenting methods”.

The notice even slipped in profane language: “Thank you for the crazy memories, you bastard.” Nothing wakes up readers like cursing with love at a dead person.

There will be no funeral, as per Morris’ request. He had a way of doing things that felt authentic to him as the notice concluded, “I did it my way.” It takes courage to avoid following conventional practices.

The family requested people to “Piss-up at Stafford Tavern, 2 p.m.” A Reddit user replied: “I reckon that piss-up will be a bit of fun.”

We can hold off on mourning the royal tragedy for a minute. Another commentator wrote: “Well, this got more emotional than the Queen’s death!”

A different user added: “I absolutely love this. I bet this holds more love and comfort for the family than any regular funeral. Funerals feel like grief-porn to me. It’s so performative, yet you can’t really sob how you want because that would cause a scene. So you silently weep amongst strangers and acquaintances.”