Raccoon Gets Stuck in Roof Head-First


A mother raccoon has been rescued after getting its head stuck through a hole in a California resident’s roof. The local resident called the Wildlife Emergency Services number to report that a raccoon had chewed a hole through their roof and got stuck while trying to climb through the opening.

The Santa Cruz Animal Shelter shared the incident in a Facebook post that included a hilarious photo of the raccoon’s behind hanging out of the roof, but the rescue mission was no laughing matter.

“Knowing that time was critical, they instructed the citizen how to push the raccoon through the hole so it wouldn’t suffocate,” the post read.

The team working on getting the raccoon unstuck managed to do so and reunite the mother with her babies that were sheltered nearby.

Wildlife Emergency Services personnel are working on helping the residents “set up a repellant barrier to safely and humanely have mama and her kids move along to a more appropriate home.”

With the funny photo attached to the post, it’s hard not to giggle at the raccoon’s sticky situation. A few others felt the same as they commented on the post. One person wrote: “Monday feels. (So glad she and her babies are ok!)”

Another user said: “The picture is pretty freaking funny lol. Sorry for the circumstance.. but all I can think of is Poohbear.”


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