Raging Bull Leads to Wild Goose Chase


A raging bull is one animal you do not want to mess with so when one escaped during Redding Rodeo it was imperative it was captured before it could do some serious damage.

The bull managed to escape when it jumped over the arena fence during the final section of the bull riding event that night. Clearly, it had had enough of the day’s events.

The bull then ran out of the rodeo grounds, towards the contestant parking area and eventually ended up near the Sundial Bridge, where the animal was caught and immediately put into a trailer.

Unfortunately, five people were injured with minor, non-life-threatening injuries before the bull was caught. Three were injured at the rodeo grounds while the other two were struck near the bridge where the bull was captured.

An Enterprise High School student was one of the people injured by the bull. Jordan Greco was clipped by one of the animal’s horns when it charged near the stadium’s VIP section. Greco showed off pictures of his leg that shows it wrapped in bandages from his knee to his thigh.

“I looked at the woman who took over my shift and next thing I know I see this huge bull running towards us,” he said.

When the bull leaped over the fence, an emergency plan was activated by the rodeo announcer and “rodeo livestock professionals quickly responded to safely contain the bull.”

The Rodeo Association’s statement said first responders, rodeo staff and local law enforcement provided first aid to the injured individuals. They also mentioned that the next day’s events would still happen.

“We wish the best to all those affected. The safety of our fans is our highest priority and we appreciate their support,” the Rodeo Association said.


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