Ravens’ Mascot Heads to IR


Having a vibrant mascot is the easiest way for any team to pump up the crowd so it’s not great when an injury occurs. The Baltimore Ravens mascot was injured during halftime of the Ravens’ preseason game against the Washington Commanders. Poe had to be carted off the field while playing in a casual halftime game with other mascots.

The Ravens posted a photo of the mascot on Twitter with ice on his left knee. The caption explained that Poe had taken some damage to his “drumstick” during the Mascot Classic. “He’s resting comfortably in his perch awaiting further test results,” the team wrote.

The team also shared a video of coach John Harbaugh announcing that Poe was going on Injured Reserve (IR). Harbaugh said Poe had a season-ending injury to his drumstick and the team would find a replacement in the meantime.

“We’re going to get right into evaluating our options and see where we go next. See if we can find somebody to replace Poe,” Harbaugh said.

It’s unlikely an adequate replacement will be found but hopefully, the team will be able to rally around the injured mascot for a successful season.


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