Rebellious Squirrel Steals From the Store


Intruders come in all shapes and sizes. In this case, a hungry squirrel was enough to keep the cops on their feet.

A burglar alarm system went off at a B&Q store in Norfolk, England, and police officers in the area responded to the alert by prompting arriving at the store’s location. They kept their defense guns in their pockets as they searched through the store, only to be confronted by a squirrel who turned out to be the culprit in question.

Business operations were closed at the time when the rodent set off the alarm to indulge in a handful of nuts and bird food in the store. Sounds like the animal hit the jackpot.

Never underestimate the size and speed of a small animal as this speedy creature escaped the cops. Norfolk Police tweeted: “Unfortunately he was too quick and nimble for us and got away.”

Squirrel: 1, Norfolk Police: 0.

If squirrels can outrun police officers, should we be concerned about the possibility of real intruders?


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