Relocated Elk Return to Golf Course One Week Later

When animals are causing a ruckus, they are occasionally moved with the hopes that things will change for the better. A herd of elk had to be relocated from a Utah golf course only to return to the same spot a week later.

State officials were forced to close portions of Interstate 80 and Interstate 215 on March 19, 2023, to relocate the herd of elk that had taken up residence at the Salt Lake Country Club in Salt Lake City, Utah. The elk were causing numerous collisions and other traffic problems by repeatedly wandering onto the highways in the area.

The herd was relocated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources who created a human chain to slowly approach the animals and encourage them to cross the highways and return to Parleys Canyon. The crew successfully guided the elk up the mountains and a helicopter was used to ensure the elk traveled away from busy roadways.

Over the weekend, the DWR confirmed that about 20 of the elk had returned to the golf course. They currently have no plans to attempt another relocation after the animals returned but officials are discussing the possibility of further efforts once winter comes to an end.