Rent Your Own Italian Village

You may earn an average salary but you have the option to live the royal life in a tropical destination.

The European tourism industry is allowing guests to rent out Petritoli, a small Medieval Italian village in the Le Marche region. This rental area offers tourists a naturalistic escape from the bustling city life where tourists can kick back and relax among the mountains and surrounding greenery.

Renting Petritoli costs approximately $1,557 a night so if you can find 200 family and friends, you’ll be left paying $7.77 per person per night.

While locking down the loves of their lives, engaged couples can lock down this land. They have the opportunity to takeover an entire village for their big day and it can be the perfect venue for a destination wedding since it can accommodate up to 200 people.

Credit: Group Accommodation

Fellow tourists don’t have to be a growing pain since the area is closed off to outsiders. Nobody is present to photobomb your photo memories.

On the property, there’s also a castle, Roman-period cellars and a Baroque theatre. If people have a far-fetched dream of playing dress up in a position of power, the crown is all yours. Dazzle the family members as the new Queen or King.

The villa may be a dream with panoramic views of the countryside and village. There are pools and gardens to create a relaxing atmosphere.

An introvert’s haven awaits — dropping the money might be worth getting away from difficult people.

Source: https://www.groupaccommodation.com/properties/rent-your-own-village-le-marche-italy