Restaurant Guests Encouraged to Lick Himalayan Salt Wall


A popular restaurant is pumping up its buzz factor by encouraging guests to lick a literal pink Himalayan salt wall found inside.

The Mission has been serving patrons delicious food and great drinks for the past 17 years but the real gem is the extravagant pink Himalayan salt wall that they’ve become famous for.

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, the head chef was the one who brought the salt rocks in to create an ambience surrounding the restaurant. It’s safe to say he accomplished what he set out to do since several people make sure to stop by the restaurant during their trip to the city. Talk about a great Instagram-worthy moment?

The salt wall has also given guests to have a fun new way of enjoying a tequila shot. Guests have even started licking the wall regardless of whether or not they’re drinking tequila.

Obviously, as a restaurant, being known for having guests like the walls of your establishment is kind of strange but Himalayan salt has self-cleaning properties so there’s minimal risk of catching anything. The restaurant staff also wipe the wall clean regularly to ensure a clean atmosphere for all.


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