Retired Man Wins Big


Having one winning lottery ticket can be exciting, even if it’s just for a small amount. A Maryland Lottery player had an unusual stroke of luck, winning prizes from all six games he signed up for.

The grandfather and retired butcher decided to play some Fast Play games during a weekend run to the 7-Eleven store on Cherry Hill Road in Beltsville. The man played six Fast Play games in one day and walked away with a total of $105,039.

“That day, I spent about $50 on Fast Play playing the I Heart Cash, Payday, Monopoly Properties, World Championship Poker, Blackjack and High Roller Blackjack games. I won on all of them,” the man said.

To break down the player’s winnings, he won $100 on a $5 I Heart Cash ticket, $500 on a $5 Payday progressive jackpot game, $50 on a $20 Monopoly Properties ticket, $200 on a $5 World Championship Poker progressive jackpot game, $10 on a $2 Blackjack ticket.

These clearly don’t add up to over $100,000 but his biggest prize was won on a $10 High Roller Blackjack game and netted the man a cool $104,179. “It was blind luck,” the winner said.

The man said his prize money will go toward paying bills and sharing some of the funds with his family. Not bad for a simple trip to a variety store.


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