Revenge Plot Unfolds at the Wrong House


In a perfect world, relationships end on amicable terms where both individuals wish each other well while parting in two different directions. Unfortunately, our world is far from ideal and the end of a relationship marks the beginning of a chaotic shitstorm.

Christie Louise Jones, a 49-year-old woman, sought vengeance from her ex-boyfriend by scheming to light his house on fire. She hoped to rejoice in the pain of her ex-lover by watching him burn to ashes.

The psychotic ex failed to catch one key detail: she got the wrong house number. Someone else’s loved one could take the fall due to her negligence in mixing up the numbers.

Gold Hill, a homeowner living near her ex-boyfriend, woke up in a state of panic early morning when he spotted Jones trying to set the house on fire. There were stacks of wood laid outside along with a jug of bar and chain oil used to start the fire on the front porch.

The homeowner ran outside and tried to put out the fire using a garden hose. However, this solution was ineffective because Jones thought two steps ahead and used Flex Seal to close off the water supply.

Nearby, Jones was standing near a blue car obstructing his driveway and she held one of his dogs on a leash. Hill confronted Jones with a rifle and she was speechless besides a few mumbling sounds.

Jones darted towards her car and struck Hill with the vehicle before fleeing the scene. Fortunately, Hill took down her license number and car description for Stanly County deputy officers.

Deputies traced down Jones and went to her residence. They investigated her and charged her with “felony first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and larceny of an animal.” The bond was then set at $101,500.

Total damages to the house and pool were estimated to be $20,000.

This revenge story worked well for the ex-boyfriend as he got rid of his raging ex without lifting a finger. Sometimes the best revenge is to choose not to retaliate and let things run their course.


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