Ride In Style With Grandma’s Teeth


Losing possessions is a pain, especially when it’s a valuable purchase that stretches the budget. 

Uber vehicles are hot spots for misplaced items that passengers leave behind. Wallets and keys are common items that go missing, but what are some more absurd objects that people forget at the end of the Uber journey?

From grandma’s teeth to pet ashes, the absurdity reaches new heights. The sixth annual Uber Lost & Found Index shed the spotlight on some of the most surprising and most popular items in the past year.

Every year, the Uber Lost & Found Index releases a list of the riders’ most commonly forgotten and most unique lost items. Some of these items include:

  1. Fingernails
  2. Urn with pet ashes + urn of a family member
  3. Foldable unicorn kid chair 
  4. 500 grams of caviar 
  5. Grandma’s teeth
  6. Cat litter and a reptile heating bulb 
  7. “Life is tough but so are you” blanket 
  8. Supreme underwear
  9. Pizza costume
  10. Breathalyzer

Additionally, Uber reveals a list of the most “forgetful” cities. 

  1. Austin, TX 
  2. Charlotte, NC
  3. Houston, TX
  4. Indianapolis, IN
  5. Dallas, TX
  6. Kansas City, KS
  7. Atlanta, GA
  8. Tampa Bay, FL
  9. Columbus, OH
  10. Phoenix, AZ

There are also common trends and patterns in user behavior with their scatterbrains. 

  1. Fans may not forget their admired players, but they do forget about their jerseys. Over 50 jerseys were found from the Rangers, Warriors, Giants, Eagles, and LA Dodgers.
  2. Toyota car keys are the most forgotten. It says a lot about their love for the car. 
  3. People could care less about their stuff after a long day at work. According to Uber, “5 p.m. is the most forgetful time of the day.”
  4. Oral-care products do not stay in the mouth. More than 30 riders forgot their retainers. 20 riders left their valuable gold and diamond-plated grills. 

The items in the bags remain a mystery till they are lost. Once the drivers find the bags, all sorts of unusual pieces are available to be discovered. 


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