RIP Hamster: Ashes Will Make It to Hawaii


Grief hits hard — whether the face of your loss is a 99-year-old grandma ready to greet the angels or a pet with a bond deeper than your human connections. Lisa Murray-Lang was devastated by the death of her three-year-old hamster. The rodent companion was her support during the pandemic and it was a struggle to grapple with the loss.

During the lockdown, people were cooped indoors venting about the travel restrictions. The 46-year-old was imaginative within the limitations so she took her hamster on a world tour with cardboard versions of popular tourist destinations like London and Paris.

When the hamster died, she stopped with the display creations. She honored his death by purchasing a ticket to spread his ashes at the actual destination in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Murray-Lang didn’t take the shortcut by spreading his ashes on the cardboard and then recycling the leftover scrap. She went all out for her deceased fur baby. Murray-Lang said: “We’re going to take him down to the beach, play Beyonce’s song ‘I Was Here’ while we scatter his ashes, and leave a message in the sand saying ‘Spud visited.'”

Why Hawaii of all places? The hamster is an informed tourist with specific preferences. Murray-Lang added: “The Hawaii set was always Spud’s favorite — he loved the sand, especially given at the time it was winter and we were all surrounded by snow at the time.”

This isn’t a cheap send-off to the heaven gates as the cost of the trip can reach $4,050. The family really loves this fellow as they drop thousands for the final goodbye.

Everyone deserves love — whether it’s a toothless grumpy granny or an idle rodent. His life ends with lots of love on a relaxing family vacation.


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