Road Rage Gets Heated With Shootings


Road rage escalates to a new level when guns enter the scene.

Quincey Adam Rogers was driving along the Greenbriar Parkway offramp from Langford Parkway in Atlanta, Georgia, when a man cut him off in traffic. One would expect a few curse words out of his mouth and call it a day.

That was not going to cut it for this gentleman. While the car was passing, Rogers pointed his gun at the red Mustang. Once the vehicle made its way to the front, the driver abruptly stopped. Rogers drove past the car and fired a single bullet that hit right above a rear tire.

“It was really random. I didn’t even expect it. The fact he could have shot me,…[that] wasn’t gonna slide,” the victim said.

Shortly before the incident, he had dropped off his seven-year-old daughter. While on the phone with 911, he chased down the shooter to his residence.

The victim added: “I followed him. I just didn’t think he was gonna actually come to his house.”

We can assume that the victim was going above and beyond to get shot. He was not going to be greeted inside with a cup of tea.

Rogers went inside his house and grabbed more weapons to fire but missed after four unsuccessful attempts. Police arrested Rogers and charged him with aggravated assault and damage to property. He is in custody in the Fulton County Jail.

The victim decided not to retaliate with his gun and let the police handle the matters.

“I could have shot him at that point but now I’m in the back of that car to whether I was right or wrong. Now I gotta prove that I was right.”

The weapons were confiscated from Rogers’ home, so no more shootings to cover up a fragile ego.


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