Road Workers Spell “School” Wrong in Two Different Languages

The kids may need to be pulled out of school to make space for the grown-ups. Road workers made a public blunder when they incorrectly spelt the word “school” on the road outside a primary school in Swansea.

A mistake with one word can be forgiven but the team of workers screwed up incorrectly two times in two languages. The error was found outside the city’s Llangyfelach Primary by the roads team from Wales & West Utilities, which had the sign written as “shcool.” Under the altered English term, they had a Welsh version that read “ysool,” instead of the correct spelling “ysgol.”

Wales & West Utilities confirmed they will fix the English typo and were “confident the teachers will give them full marks.”

Phil Whittier, the energy company’s programme controller for Swansea, explained: “We completed our work today and replaced the road outside Llangyfelach Primary School where we had been digging.

“Contractors working on our behalf then replaced the road markings where we had been working and, unfortunately, have misspelt the word ‘school.'”

Credit: Robert Melen

Children who trust that adults know best may blindly pick up the wrong spelling of words. The leader of Swansea Council had to clear the air that the authorities had nothing to do with the error. They aren’t responsible for putting the youngsters on the wrong path.

Rob Stewart wrote online: “I know this one is already doing the rounds on social media. Thankfully not one of ours. It’s NOT Swansea Council.

“Apparently Wales & West Utilities have been working there recently and will return to rectify it. Red faces all round at WWU I expect.”

When in doubt, the workers can always check with the children.

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2023/04/26/swansea-road-workers-spell-school-wrong-in-both-english-and-welsh-18675921/