Roast Chicken the Latest Item Hit by Inflation


The cost of living has skyrocketed over the past year, causing many families to struggle to afford basic necessities like food. An eagle-eyed shopper hunting for some bargains saw the lighter side of things courtesy of the failure of a Woolworths employee.

The price of roast chicken has certainly gone up since inflation hit almost every country across the planet but even with that rise, there’s no way it would cost thousands of dollars. A shopper shared a photo with the price listed for a roast chicken from Woolworths at a staggering $1,510.

The photo was posted in a private Facebook group called Woolworths Everyday Rewards enthusiasts. The caption for the funny photo read: “Anyone wanna cash in on some chicken points lol.”

Users commenting on the post also took lighthearted responses. One shopper wrote: “Hyperinflation has arrived.”

Another user joked: “Might be better to get them to cut it into half to make it more affordable.”

One woman shared a similar mistake she’s recently seen as well. “That’s just like the fertiliser I saw yesterday,” she wrote. Alongside the caption was a picture of the price of the fertilizer containers going for a whopping $96 each. Apparently, the worker had scanned the outer box and not the actual products and simply printed the cost of the total box.

Hopefully, in the future, we won’t be looking at these prices and thinking they’re cheap.


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