Robbers Steal Decoy Liquor Bottle


Having expensive taste comes at a pretty price tag, especially when you don’t want to pay it.

Authorities are searching for three men after they were caught on camera robbing a liquor store in Houston, Texas. Despite being after a $4,200 bottle that was locked in a case, they only got away with a cheap decoy bottle used for the display.

The Houston Police Department claimed that three unidentified men walked into the liquor store asking about the ‘expensive’ bottle. When the employee unlocked the case and pulled out the bottle, one of the men snatched it up and quickly ran out of the store.

One of the other men in the group removed another box from the case of the same liquor only to find the box to be empty. He dropped it shortly after running off.

Despite the group trying to make off big, they ended up getting fooled by the store. The bottle they ran off with was only a decoy worth much less than the actual $4,200 bottle of booze.

Crime Stoppers of Houston is offering a cash reward of up to $5,000 and looking for any information that could lead to the group’s arrest.


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