Robot Ignores Caution Tape to Deliver Food


Food delivery robots have become a popular way to bring meals to individuals but in no way are they above the law. A robot was out for a delivery in Los Angeles, California, when it crossed the yellow police tape at a crime scene in order to get food to a customer.

Video footage of the food delivery robot made its way to Twitter, where the robot is shown going under the tape and across the street near Hollywood High School. At the time of the delivery, police thought a school shooting had just taken place but it turned out to be declared as a hoax.

Apparently, the robot was from Serve Robotics, which contracts with Uber Eats. They claimed that the robot was being waved through the blocked-off area.

“Our standard operating procedure is to reroute and not cross barrier tapes. However, in this instance, the robot supervisor believed they were being waved through. We’re taking steps to ensure our operating procedures are followed in the future,” a spokesperson for Serve Robotics said.

Delivery robot companies with both remotely piloted or autonomous robots are becoming more popular in Los Angeles and other large cities across the United States. Who knows how many more of these instances we could see in the future?


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