Rock Musicians Need a Geography Class


An error or mix-up at a live performance rarely goes unnoticed. Rock music veterans KISS learned their lesson the hard way in front of a public audience.

The musicians were ridiculed online after displaying the wrong flag at their concert in Vienna, Austria. During the End Of The Road tour, the group launched a message on the screen expressing their gratitude to their loyal fans. Their on-screen projection read: “KISS loves you Vienna”.

The message sounds applicable till you catch the flag on the screen. It was not the red and white Austrian flag but it was the flag for Australia. The countries may have similar spelling but their flags bear little resemblance.

It is hard for concert attendees to appreciate the message when the image highlights another country. People laughed at the display online and a user commented: “Thank you, KISS, for an incredible show and for bringing the kangaroos back to Vienna, Australia.”

Another commentator wrote: “I guess the graphics team got their Spinal Tap moment.”

Kiss has not acknowledged the mix-up and glossed over the error in messaging. They shared the following message with fans: “#VIENNA! Thank You for an AMAZING night! We love you! #EndOftheRoadTour #Austria.”

If they have a future performance in Australia, it will save them the hassle of adjusting the screens.


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