Roof Removed After Contractor Mistake


Having a roof overhead is one way many feel comfortable in their own homes. In a bizarre instance, a family has been living without a roof since June 2022 when theirs was removed by a contractor they never even hired.

Jessica Hotvedt and her family have had to make do since their roof was removed. Their home is now covered in a tarp with only a letter left by the contractor as an explanation. The contractor stated that there had been miscommunication and that they were sent to the wrong address.

“This is a nightmare. This is absolutely the worst thing I could have imagined. June 1st, my daughter came home from school to find that people were removing the roof of our house,” Hotvedt said.

She added: “It was a mistake, a very costly mistake and it should have been fixed. It just should have been fixed, but no one will do it.”

D.R. Roofing LLC informed Hotvedt that their insurance would be able to handle the situation. Claims the family has submitted with the company’s insurance have all been denied, with the most recent letter saying “the policy issued to D.R. Roofing contains an exclusion for property damage arising out of an open roof condition.”

Recent rainstorms have made the issue even worse. Water has seeped into the home, damaging parts of the floor, carpet and drywall. The price to fix the problem isn’t cheap either, with many quotes coming it over $70,000.

The family is now meeting with lawyers over the next steps they can take.


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