Rooster Has a Chatty Mouth


When a rooster makes crowing sounds 200 times per day, the temptation is to grab the animal by its neck and feed it mercilessly to its predators. The hunting wildlife will silence the noise for good and irritated neighbors can resume their lives in peace.

An elderly couple in Germany, Friedrich-Wilhelm and Jutta, were too polite to engage in any animal cruelty behavior since their dream is to make it to heaven rather than hell. They opted for a practical solution: a lawsuit. This solution will hopefully address the ongoing noise disturbance caused by Magda, their neighbor’s rooster.

The rooster was interfering with their retirement life as the stillness and silence became a thing of the past. The couple was struggling to sleep with a rooster waking them up 200 times each day with its incessant crowing. They did confront the neighbors about the issue but that did not put an end to the torture.

Friedrich-Wilhelm said: “We can’t use the garden and we can’t open any windows. It’s unbearable.” In these tricky situations, going deaf might just be a blessing in disguise.

Torsten Gieseke is the lawyer fighting the case on behalf of the couple. He argues that Magda doesn’t belong on a quiet housing estate. A previous neighbor had to relocate two years ago due to noise complaints. Magda’s crowing hits around 80 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise one would expect at a restaurant or a busy road.

Michael D., the owner of Magda, explains that the rooster plays an integral role among his flock of chickens, as he keeps the other birds in line. “The hens need the rooster, otherwise they would pluck each other,” he said.

Will Magda get kicked out of the neighborhood or is the couple forced to live with her melodies? Sit tight as the judge has yet to announce his decision.


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