Rum to Speed Up Marathon Runners


If runners are clumsy with their sprints, we can’t blame them as their drinks had been spiked with rum to get them drunk for a marathon. A spectator was hoping for a visual treat when he poured white rum into sports drinks at a water station set up for participants at the Mexico City Marathon. He recorded himself spiking the drinks and shared it on social media but he did not show his face on camera.

In the media footage of the suspect, he said: “Tomorrow they will all be at their best, f***ing race is going to be the best in the world.” The man tried to be a coach by unlocking the runner’s potential but unfortunately, he had the wrong strategy.

The man was intoxicated the night before the marathon and tampered with the drinks after leaving a nightclub in the early morning. He will now be going to court for taking it too far. Police officers have identified the suspect, who will be facing charges related to attempted poisoning.

The water station is situated in the middle of the course, approximately 21 kilometers from the starting point and the consumption of undiluted alcohol along with physical exertion could be risky. Luckily, thirsty runners did not chug the drinks. Race volunteers caught on to the dangerous trick and removed them.

Javier Hidalgo Ponce, the director of the Mexico City Institute of Sport, blames the mayor’s office for permitting the nightclubs to operate during late hours. Shutting down nightclubs may not completely eliminate the drunk shenanigans as people are resourceful and there are other ways of grabbing a bottle of white rum.


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