Run-Down House Listed for Over $500,000


This property could use more than a little TLC. A run-down lot in the U.K. is heading to the auction block and the owners are hoping to catch a whopping $500,000. Although the outside of the house can be seen as charming, what’s inside looks like a scene from a horror movie.

The property is listed as close to the train station, which is perfect for commuters, and close to several shops in the area. Oh, it also has a huge hole in the kitchen ceiling.

The entire inside of the house is aching to be dosed in bleach and a clean, fresh start. And not only does the inside need a ton of work, but the backyard has been completely overrun by weeds and bushes.

The three-bedroom home has viewers up in arms over the staggering price tag, furious at the high price for such a run-down home. The property, located in London, is proving how out of control the housing market is in the area.

One user hilariously commented: “Ready to move kitchen.”

In a disclaimer on the property listing, it is “strongly encouraged that all viewers have appropriate PPE (mask and gloves) when viewing the property.” Probably not the best thing interested buyers want to hear.

Listed by Allsop, the property will be available to purchase at auction on May 12.


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