Russian Army Recruitment Video Sexualizes Ukrainian Invasion

In most army recruitment videos, people expect to see military officers with stern faces ready to gear up a robust team for their operations. The Russians put a different spin on the traditional videos by releasing a clip of young attractive females dolled up with guns on their shoulders. They have received backlash as people are offended that the organization have started to sexualize the conflict in Ukraine.

Deadly military operations aren’t the perfect setting for beautiful women to lure promising candidates. Vladimir Putin’s military operation was reported to kill almost 115,000 soldiers during the most recent invasion. However, these military recruitment videos gloss over the cruelty with a more glamorous approach and people are unhappy with the creative release.

Jason Jay Smart, Kyiv Post journalist, quoted Ukrainian news agency UNIAN as saying: “This is how a motivational video for luring Russians into military service looks. Notice the focus on ethnic minorities and the sexualization of women? Russia is desperate to find more cannon fodder.”

In the video, two ladies with a full face of makeup are positioned near a tank with large guns while they seductively gaze at each other.

More women join them in the video and the clip is criticized as a misleading representation of the situation. The recruitment process is viewed through a skeptical lens as reports show that “ethnic minority groups — who come from impoverished communities — are overrepresented.”

Between attractive female models who are objectified and a skewed representation of minority soldiers, people are in disbelief that this clip is so ridiculous that it must be a joke. A user tweeted: “This has got to be a joke. No way is this real. Lol.”

One person put it best: “I thought it was the intro into a Porn movie.” Military fantasies unleashed by a bold recruitment team.

The number of applicants will eventually speak to the success or failure of this bizarre recruitment video.

Source: https://twitter.com/officejjsmart/status/1612052266428637185