Russian Tourist Exposes Military Defenses


Of all the locations to document memories, a Russian tourist, Yury Znamenskiy, decided to click a photo in front of Russia’s hidden military posts. He was posing in a speedo with his arm out, pointing to an S-400 air defense system. This traitor, out of ignorance, exposed his country’s military location in the coastal city of Yevpatoria in Western Crimea.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence was content with the tip from this tourist. The Ministry shared an image on its Twitter account with the caption: “Maybe we are being hard on Russian tourists… Sometimes they can be really helpful. Like this man taking pictures at Russian air defense positions near Yevpatoria, in occupied Crimea. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Russian citizens were encouraged to take over the homes of Ukrainians who fled the fighting. There were several explosions causing havoc through a Russian air base in Crimea. There was the threat of warships and helicopters in close proximity.

However, explosions were not enough to stop this man from broadcasting his leisure activities. Znamenskiy said “regardless of explosions” his tourist group seeks to “relax in this wonderful sun and wonderful sea.”

If Znamenskiy drowned in the wonderful sea, it might not be a tragic ending. It might have spared the sensitive military location from leaking to the public. Unfortunately, that did not happen and he made it out alive to reveal the spot. Which side is he affiliated with in this scenario? Ukrainians would be content to entertain the insider scoop.

Znamenskiy will have to think twice before posing for photographs or he might have an angry military force on his back.


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