Ruthless Criminals Kidnap Undersized Lobster


Two men from Florida sent the police force on a scavenger hunt with the task of locating possessions that should have never been there. The Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit Detectives, the SWAT Team and members of the U.S. Border Patrol joined the search party at the Key Largo residence. Drugs and guns appear all over the news after most search warrants. How about an undersized lobster?

Detectives and deputies walked out of this residence with four pounds of marijuana, cocaine, handguns, rifles and one spiny lobster. The lobster was found in the kitchen refrigerator. Perhaps the men had plans to cook up a feast with some drugs, human flesh and seafood. 

The officials were not the expected attendees of the feast and plans took an unfavorable turn with belongings seized. 

Anthony Kevin Ibanez and Jesse Lee Perrine were subject to multiple charges related to the possession of marijuana, cocaine and an undersized lobster. 

A detailed list of the items found at the residence includes: 

  • 4.6 pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags
  • Nearly half a pound of loose marijuana
  • 1.4 grams of cocaine
  • Two AR-15 rifles
  • Two Glock handguns
  • Assorted pills without prescriptions
  • THC vape cartridges and THC wax paper
  • 1 undersized Florida spiny lobster 

We can only assume that the undersized lobster ends up in the mouths of the police entourage at their after-party. A hard day at work concludes on a savory note. 


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