Safety First: Robber Buys a Face Mask


A robber in Houston was unprepared for the job when he realized he was missing a face mask to protect himself from the virus and cops. He did what any rational person would do — he purchased a face mask from the convenience store and then robbed the same store. He decided to support the small business before digging a hole into their profits.

The Houston Police Department is seeking public assistance in locating and identifying the criminal. Officers described him as a black man around 30 years old with black hair. He is too big to miss with an estimated height of around 5’10″ to 6’ and 220 to 230 pounds. He was last seen in a white shirt, blue Nike shorts, and worn-out white slides.

Initially, he was pretending to be a regular customer with an interest in protective gear. He lingered around the store till other customers exited. While the clerk was restocking merchandise, he put on his new face mask. Then as the clerk made their way to the cash register, the suspect pulled out a gun and forced the staff member to place the money in the bag.

Once the money made its way into his hands, he promptly left the scene.

Houston Crime Stoppers is seeking vital information regarding the whereabouts of the suspect. Any key details leading to an arrest will be awarded a cash payment of up to $5,000. If anyone has any information, they can tip the investigators and get away without working for a few weeks.


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