Sauce With a Side of Nothing


Food delivery services have made it even easier to get delicious-tasting food right to your door. A new intercity food delivery service has launched in India but hasn’t exactly made the impression that they were looking for.

Zomato is an Indian food delivery company and their new service called Intercity Legends reaches areas of South Delhi and Gurugram. The service has already been hit with not-so-great reviews, including one in particular.

A Gurugram resident ordered biryani from Hyderabad through the app’s new feature and was left disappointed by the service. To make things worse, the customer, Prateek Kanwal, is also a shareholder in Zomato. Not a good look.

Kanwal shared his experience with the app on Twitter where he said he ordered a chicken biryani from a restaurant and was shocked to receive only a small box of salan, a type of curry sauce usually paired with biryani or roti.

To make sure his post was seen, Kanwal tagged Zomato’s CEO to take further action, “Deepinder Goyal: This seemed like a great idea, but my dinner plans are up in the air now. Now, you owe me a Biryani in Gurgaon!”

Thankfully, it seems Zomato has a good customer service team as they took swift action to track down the rest of Kanwal’s meal. As an apology, the company also sent him an extra biryani. Kanwal posted about the update online mentioning how, as a shareholder, he felt good about the customer service.


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