Save the Mouse or the Rare Mercedes?


Omid Abas, a 41-year-old car wash worker, capitalized on a golden opportunity when a customer, Kevin Murphy, dropped off a classic 1992 550E Mercedes car for a valet. Abas was not ready to let this showstopper go after a quick service. Instead, he took the car on a 60-mile drive to his home in Runcorn, England, to test the vehicle.

The smooth journey lasted about 90 minutes and ended with a bang when it almost resulted in the road-kill of a mouse on the route. Abas swerved the car to avoid killing the mouse because he valued the rodent’s life more than a luxury car.

The car owner expected to return to a $39 completed valet service but had unpleasant news waiting for him. The car was written off in the collision, and the car had one wheel hanging horizontally. His precious car came in clutch for rescue efforts that resulted in significant damage costing thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Definitely not music for the ears. Murphy said: “It was a cherished and prized possession. Every serviced piece of work was always done on it by Mercedes and I devoted a lot of my effort to keep the car in pristine condition.

“I am worried that the car will be a write-off. Currently, I am not at a loss as no work has been carried out but I expect to pay around £5,000 of my own money, not insurance, to have the vehicle fully repaired.”

As for Abas, the Mercedes turned out to be the car he used to learn how to drive. He did not have a fully certified driver’s license as he only had a provisional driving license.

Is he a hero or a criminal? Abas saved a mouse but was subject to a court trial for the liable charges.

The prosecutor said: “The length of the skid marks from start to finish was around 80 meters. The damage to the vehicle was significant. The near-side wheel arch was nearly horizontal with the ground.”

“He shows a lot of remorse and this appears to be genuine remorse. Happily, notwithstanding the offenses, the victim in this case and the defendant remain on good terms. He is not employed at the same car wash but he was offered his job back. He has decided at this stage not to accept the offer of employment,” defense lawyer Philip Green said.

According to court documents, “Abas pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and driving without a license or insurance and was banned from driving for 12 months. Abas was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £213 in costs and a victim surcharge. No order for compensation was made.”

No hard feelings — the mouse, the car owner, and the unemployed man lived happily ever after. This eventful commute will be a ride to remember.


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