Save the Planet With Reusable Toilet Cloths


For the next washroom break, wipe your behind with reusable cloths and save it for the next bowel movement. Environmentally-conscious users can prioritize the planet over the need for conventional sanitary measures. Get stoked to wipe your genitals with the same cloth multiple times.

An eco-friendly company, Net Zero, is launching a line of cloth toilet rolls that aims to help people reduce their waste. Instead of flushing it down the toilet, you can toss the dirty cloth in the washing machine for repeated use.

The company markets the product as a hygienic option that helps the environment while addressing the high cost of living. The product description read: “You don’t have to practice good hygiene at the planet’s expense, this alternative fits on any standard toilet paper roll and easily re-rolls to hold its shape.”

As a bonus, the cloth is a money-saving hack that cuts back on ongoing toilet paper purchases. Buying a pack of 24 toilet cloths can help customers minimize their grocery bills. A one-time investment of $25 will save you from ongoing trips to the bathroom aisle.

As for the product directions, do you have to pee or poo? It makes a difference in the application technique. If you have to pee, use the cloth dry. If you have to poop, slightly dampen the cloth with water before wiping it away.

Not everyone is rushing through the door to try out this new product. People criticized the item as disgusting and unsanitary. A person wrote: “If I saw this in someone’s house I would leave and never come back. I know it stinks in there.”

Another person said: “Imagine the smell and color of this thing after you use it for one month.”

It’s safe to assume that the colorful patterns on the cloth will take on a darker shade as it rubs against bodily waste.


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