Savory Chocolate Fritters Leave People Shaking Their Heads

Bizarre food combinations are definitely hit or miss. Food lovers from near and far post wild creations online that can either leave you wanting more or turning towards the bathroom.

In the latest viral video, a street food vendor decided to find out the flavor of dipping a Dairy Milk bar in gram flour and frying it to create pakode, otherwise known as Indian fritters.

In the Instagram video, a woman is seen tearing open a packet of Dairy Milk chocolate and mixing it into a batter made of gram flour. Once the bar is fully coated, it’s then deep fried in oil.

Now, this creation actually doesn’t actually sound half bad. A fritter with chocolate coating the inside seems like it would be a tasty dessert to finish off a delicious meal.

Instead, the mysterious dessert gets turned into a savory dish when the street vendor adds chaat masala, a powder spice mix, to the fritters. Later on in the video, a man sitting on a motorcycle jumps off to take a bowl. He then dips them in a green chutney normally eaten with savory fritters.

The reaction to tasting the dish seems to be so-so and comments online are definitely mixed as well. Who knows, maybe it’s good to mix a bit of sweet with savory every now and then?