Say Hello to Coffee Balls


With climate change on everyone’s minds, companies are becoming more and more creative in producing innovative new products that will limit waste. A Swiss retailer has discovered a way to cut down on coffee capsules.

Migros recently announced that it is launching a coffeemaking system that uses spherical capsules — described as “coffee balls” — that are fully compostable, unlike the plastic and aluminum containers popular today with brands like Nespresso, Keurig and Tassimo.

The coffee balls are encased in a thin, flavorless, seaweed-based cover that can be discarded with the spent coffee after use. This simple sustainable switch could see thousands of tons of waste taken out of landfills.

Obviously, a new system will need a special coffeemaker. “The CoffeeB system provides you with sustainable coffee enjoyment because it uses only what you need for a perfect coffee: the best coffee beans, the best roasting and perfect grinding. In other words, premium coffee, pressed into a coffee ball,” the website description reads.

The machine is energy-efficient and switches off automatically after just one minute. They’ve also kept construction in mind, with service centers available to repair you machine in the event of a defect.

Migros says the CoffeeB system will be released in Switzerland and France this year, as well as Germany in 2023.


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