Scandalous Snakes Want a Private Peek


Snakes can have untamed sexual desires and a Pennslyvianian woman claims that she was a scapegoat for one’s unethical actions. Are snakes ruthless creatures guilty of sexual harassment or is the woman the genuine snake with her pathological lying?

This story began when the cops received multiple 911 calls regarding a naked lady walking on the streets about 25 miles from Philadelphia. It is not common to spot a lady with her genitals exposed for the world to witness.

Pennsylvania police officers found Gloria Harpel, a 35-year-old woman, half-naked with no bottoms. Rest assured, this was not a reflection of her personal style.

Upon investigation, the woman claimed that hungry snakes had eaten her pants. Based on her summary of events, her pants were satiating for their taste buds.

She was blabbering words far-fetched and the police suspected narcotics use impairing her judgment. Police officers said: “She had put her pants in a storm drain before contending that snakes had eaten them.”

Harpel was sweating buckets and her drug-related outbursts sounded irrational. Harpel faces charges regarding indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness.

Her defense statement could be that the snakes drugged her without her knowledge. They wanted a partner to experience the elevated state, and she was a suitable match for the job. This claim will go down well with the prosecutor’s attorney.


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