School Board Under Fire After Lessons on Pornography Introduced

While sex education being taught in schools is an educational way for people to learn about safe sex, lessons on pornography may draw the line. Parents in an Oregon school district were angered after they learned their children were exposed to lessons on porn.

Slides that were included in the lesson included sexually explicit language and were meant to teach a group of 10th-grade students about the myths in the pornography industry. Some of the terms included in the lesson plan were, “big d***,” “p**** licking,” “squirting” and “hentai,” all of which you can look up for yourself.

“I think it would make a lot of grown-ups blush,” Oregon Moms Union co-founder MacKensey Pulliam said. “The way that they went about teaching it and some of the content that was on the slides was really explicit.”

While the intentions behind the curriculum are good, the language in the slides crossed a line for many. One woman posted a photo of one of the slides on Twitter and asked: “In what world is it OK for teachers to be listing ‘Popular categories’ of pornography for minors?”

A spokesperson for the Hillsboro School District told the outlet the slides about porn are part of a state mandate that “students receive age-appropriate instruction to help them recognize and respond to unsafe situations and to increase awareness of child sexual abuse.”

A statement from the school district read: “Pornography is not promoted in these lessons. Similar to how we approach suicide prevention lessons, we utilize research-based materials and clear language as we teach students these sensitive topics.”

Apparently, letters were sent home with students notifying parents about the topics being covered in the class but Pulliam claimed that she heard from many parents in the district who “were not aware that this was being taught.”

Source: https://twitter.com/CoClarified/status/1656112723137273858