School Coach Beats NBA Players


A single world record is a remarkable achievement. Joshua Walker, a basketball coach in Louisiana, left the audience speechless when he broke five world records in one day.

If fathers are role models for children, Walker set the bar high for his son. “My eight-year-old self would be ecstatic to see that I’m here doing this,” Walker said.

He snatched the world record for the longest basketball shot, which he made from 113 feet and 6 inches away from the hoop. Then proceeded to add his name to the farthest behind-the-back basketball shot, the farthest basketball hook shot, the farthest basketball bounce shot, and the farthest basketball shot made backward. It is obvious he doesn’t need to be on the basketball court — he can still make the shot from an art classroom with canvases obstructing his view.

“I just had to give it everything I had and luckily it went in,” Walker said. His everything is clearly a lot to stand out in a world population of approximately eight billion.

“I’ve never been more excited in my life,” Walker added.

Even though the coach makes it look effortless to whip out these achievements in record time, that is far from the truth. Walker has worked on his basketball skills from a young age, and tremendous practice went into making the shots.

The achievements are a well-deserved tribute to his passion, skill, and dedication to the sport.


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