Scooters Are the New Moving Van


Moving can be an extremely difficult chore that no one actually likes doing. Packing up all of your belongings into boxes and attempting to move furniture can be back-breaking work. Not for a group of friends who got creative while moving a couch.

Rylan Weselowski and his friends got the idea to move their couch on a late-night whim but were unsure of whether or not it would work. They decided to try moving the couch using Bird scooters. These electric scooters are often found around cities that you can rent using an app.

“A lack of gas led us to opening our phones, and seeing our Bird apps just sitting there. From there, it was more of a mutual synchronized decision.”

The group landed on the Bird scooters over Neuron scooters because they had a little more consistency. Although used to transport people around the city, they actually worked surprisingly well to move the couch.

“Through synchronized yelling at each other, this was the smoothest and fastest couch move we’ve ever done,” he said.

The plan of action was simple. The group used two Bird scooters, one under each end of the couch. Once the couch was loaded on, Weselowski and his friend, Vince Payne, were the ones to take on driving duties, with one on each scooter. Their other friend, Ava Maylor, sat in the center to ensure even weight distribution across the entire couch.

Weselowski posted the video to his Facebook page but it has since been shared across multiple outlets online. He estimates that the video has gained around 200,000 views across the social media platforms it has been posted on.

“People love when they see something absurd. Honestly, I had a feeling it would blow up because of that. How fast it blew up? I did not expect that,” he said.

Despite working well for Weselowski’s group, he recommends that other people don’t try out this experiment. “Do not try this. We were lucky enough that the couch had structural support along the bottom to support how we mounted the couch.”


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