Scorpion Discovered in Bananas at Elementary School

Finding creepy crawlies in your food isn’t the most appetizing thing in the world. Cafeteria workers at a New York elementary school were shocked when they found a live scorpion in a bunch of bananas. 

On January 13, 2023, cafeteria workers at Stanford Gibson Primary School in Norwich, New York, started their day by washing bananas in a metal tub. To their surprise, a scorpion dropped out from the stem of one of the bunches.

Luckily, the employees worked quickly to capture the critter. They used a sealed cup with holes poked through it so the scorpion could still breathe after being captured. “Our cafeteria and custodial staff followed all protocols and no staff or students were harmed in the discovery,” the Norwich City School District wrote in a Facebook post about the incident.

The whole ordeal turned out to be a good lesson for the children taking the school’s zoology class. The bananas were originally from Guatemala and the school’s zoology teacher speculated that the unlikely visitor is actually species of bark scorpion. Zoology students were then able to feed the scorpion crickets and study it under a “glow light.” 

“I am proud of the manner in which my team responded to this incident and love how they immediately thought to engage our students in a learning experience,” the district’s superintendent, Scott Ryan, said.