Secret Soup Recipe Leaks Into Criminal Hands


When cops ask what made someone commit the crime of burglary, it usually doesn’t involve hunting down a recipe. One man claims the secret soup recipe was a promising dish making it worth the unlawful act of breaking into a residence. Food is life, even if it means being behind bars for a savory bite.

Joshua Wertz, a 29-year-old man, broke into a home in Altoona, Pennsylvania. When officers questioned the motive behind the act, the reason was to get his hands on the top-secret recipe. It was not a quick grab-and-go pit-stop as he caused interior damage by cutting up a phone charger and crushing a soup can.

Wertz told the police that he was searching for a phone that had the special soup recipe saved.

The house became the grounds for a science experiment when he set a few small items on fire like Pokemon cards and mail. There were burn markets on the carpet. The homeowners came home to an open front door and notified the police about the break-in.

Wertz was chilling on the couch after his barbaric behavior and he managed to keep a wrench by his side. The residents kept the conversation civil until the cops came to deal with the hungry caveman.

Wertz was arrested and placed in the Blair County Prison. He now faces a bail of $50,000. For Wertz, this scenario was not his first criminal offense. In the prior year, he was arrested by police officers for chasing construction workers with a machete. At the time, he was under the influence of bath salts, and the workers happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The soup recipe is a nice add-on after a stoned appetite.


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