Security Guard Skips Out of Work Early


Lollapalooza is one of the largest music festivals held in the United States every year. It takes a lot of workers and volunteers to make a fun weekend for everyone. What happens when an employee doesn’t want to come to work?

Mass shootings are no joke but one woman used it to her advantage to get out of work a little early. Janya Williams is facing a charge of calling in a fake terrorism threat when she sent a fake screenshot of a Facebook threat to her supervisor.

Detectives believe the 18-year-old created a fake profile under the name “Ben Scott.” According to the court document, the post read: “Massive shooting at Lollapalooza Grant Park 6:00 p.m.”

The supervisor then contacted her supervisors and the FBI was soon involved. An analyst with the FBI was able to trace the post back to Williams and had her precise location. She later admitted to detectives that she created the fake post because she wanted to leave work early. At the time of her arrest, Williams did have a pending case in retail theft.


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