Seeing Eye Cat for a Blind Dog


There are seeing eye dogs for those who are visually impaired but what about a guide animal for blind dogs? One dog owner was in for a surprise when her cat stepped up to help her blind pooch.

Blaze is a German Shepherd mix that was adopted by Robin Wagner in 2019. It was only later on that Wagner found out the dog was blind in one eye and had lens issues in the other. That’s where Satin comes in.

Wagner’s cat named Satin was already living at her home in Burlington, Vermont, when Blaze was adopted. The cat took a liking to Blaze despite the dog often stomping on her accidentally due to his sight issues.

In October 2020, Blaze completely lost his vision and had that eye removed several months later to stop any infection from happening. After the surgery, Blaze became anxious and less confident before. Satin also stepped into a new role for the dog, especially when both animals hung out on the bed.

“When Blaze would jump up, Satin would go barreling out of the room before he stomped on her. But over time, we noticed Satin staying in her spot and giving Blaze a nice loud meow,” Wagner said.

Satin now uses her meows and chirps to help stop the 80-pound dog from crashing into her and any furniture in the house. “Every time he’d be walking towards her, she would meow. She would meow, and he would stop and redirect himself,” Wagner said.

The pair are pretty inseparable despite Satin not being the most affectionate cat. “I think Blaze going blind caused Satin and Blaze to become closer,” Wagner said.


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