Self-Driving Car Has a Mind of Its Own


Self-driving cars are the thing of the future but at what cost? Artificial intelligence driving the cars has caught some flack over the last few months for some technical mishaps that would be dangerous on the road.

In this instance, a self-driving car tried to speed away from the cops. A video posted on Instagram by a passerby showed police officers in San Francisco pulling over a self-driving Chevrolet Bold, operated by General Motors-owned Cruise. Apparently, the car had been driving around at night with its headlights off.

Despite stopping at first, the AI-driven car decided it was best not to stick around for the outcome and quickly bolted away from the cops. On one occasion the car stopped, attempting to learn more, one of the officers attempted to open the car door before walking back to his patrol car. That was enough to send the vehicle back on its way. The car did eventually stop after a few speedy getaways and police approached the vehicle only to find no driver in the car.

Although it seemed that the car was trying to escape from the cops, according to Cruise, the car did exactly what it was supposed to do. In a tweet, the company explained that the car was trying to find a safer spot to pull over, which can explain the multiple stops and starts.

“Our AV yielded to the police vehicle, then pulled over to the nearest safe location for the traffic stop, as intended,” Cruise said.

The car was not given a citation but it seems like this whole situation could’ve been avoided if that car’s headlights had been turned on in the first place.


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