Sex Dolls Deserve a Spa Day Too


Heading to the spa for a calming day of relaxation is something everyone should do every now and then. Unfortunately, sex dolls are often overworked but don’t get to take a trip to the spa.

Now they can, as a hot new spot has opened where worn-out dolls can come back good as new. Galmato Haven is known as the “first and only official real doll certified repair center” and now offers a spa experience for worn-out dolls, providing them with “the ultimate in rejuvenation.”

A team of trained technicians is able to treat its customers like royalty, repairing any scuffs and stains suffered over the years of hard work they’ve been put through. “After a day (or days) of head-to-toe repair, retouch, and pampering she’ll come back home to you looking like the first day she arrived,” their website reads.

Galmato Haven also sells and buys dolls. They have quite the collection of new and “certified pre-owned dolls, which have hopefully gotten a thorough cleaning. The spa day is only available to customers who have purchased one of the real doll consumer protection plans, which last either 36 or 60 months. This will set you back an additional $895.

The company has a wide variety of doll parts in case you’re looking to switch things up or if your doll just needs a repair. Their dolls range in price range depending on the time it took to create. One unused doll is currently up for grabs for $5,000, while their most expensive product, an AI head, is listed for $8,500.


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