Sex Sells Houses


Sex sells a whole bunch of products but now it apparently sells houses. Omar Ibrahim, a RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc. agent, got creative with his marketing strategy by crafting an eye-catching billboard to promote his business.

The billboard was posted at Dufferin and St. Clair in Toronto, Canada, which read: “Real estate is a lot like sex… So many options to choose from.” The sign has definitely garnered attention from people online.

The user binston-burchill posted the billboard on Reddit with the caption: “Uh, what?” The post received quite the reaction from locals drifting to the “Toronto” subreddit, each with their own hilarious opinion.

With over 400 comments on the post, the top post reads: “Real estate is a lot like sex… I’ll never have any.”

Other people also took to the post with their best jokes. One person wrote: “You pay for it but you never quite own it.”

Another commented: “Real Estate is a lot like sex. The real estate you want, you can’t get, and the real estate you get, you don’t want!”

Some people weren’t as warm to the billboard’s message. One user said: “Wouldn’t trust a person that thought it was a good idea for an ad. Too trashy.”

Another wrote: “Right? Who are his target clientele? Professionals and DINKs? Couples with young children? Older, retired folks? The only people who will find this funny are 12 year olds, and they’re not buying houses.”

Despite the critics for the eye-catching billboard, it managed to do its job since it has gotten the attention of many people online and in-person.


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