Sexy Time Leads To An Unexpected Climax


Some people do not reserve sex for the private space within their homes. Instead, they just want to tear off their clothes and get it on anywhere.

A couple takes it up a notch by living out their erotic dreams in a moving vehicle. A man was driving an SUV along North Ocean Boulevard and 19th Street when a woman lowered his pants and began to perform oral sex on him.

His multitasking skills were poor, and the sexual act had a tragic ending. The man crashed the SUV into a FedEx truck with two other passengers in that vehicle.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was called to the scene to deal with this hot and steamy encounter. According to reports, the cause of the collision was distracted driving, as the man could not think straight while sexually aroused. Go figure.

The bumpers on both vehicles did get shattered by the forceful collisions. Luckily, the people in the FedEx truck faced minor injuries and nothing life-threatening.

As for the couple in the SUV, they both did survive the incident. The man faced injuries to his genitals shortly after the pleasurable experience.

One can only hope the oral sex was worth the vehicle repair costs and charges.


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